When Light Blue wanted a classic Waterbottle, where better to go than to one of the World's finest Bicycle waterbottle makers - TA of France - of course? Used by top professional sports people over the world , Spécialités T.A. bottles have been a favourite option since they started making bottle in 1947.

Spécialités T.A. bottle shapes, textures and materials have evolved over the course of time for optimum ergonomic performance. The material used for the bottle body is soft enough to squeeze when you want faster fluid flow, yet, firm enough to stay seated into most bottle cages when you need it to. Secure, screw-on top caps with easy to pull-up with your teeth leak proof, free flowing teat.

These modern TA bottles are Leak-proof and odourless. The necks are wide enough for ice or measured dietary requirements they are easy to fill with any type of nutritional drink. The Spécialités T.A. bottles are top quality, and their bottles and tops are made of polyethylene - to the highest alimentary standards and are biodegradable. Suitable for hot food heated to 40 degrees, as well as drink, users of Spécialités T.A. bottles are assured of original taste and texture.

The Light Blue Water Bottle

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Price: £4.99