Developed around a 5 speed version of the almost timeless Sturmey Archer internal gear hub, this classically designed bike provides the reliability and low maintenance that riders over many years have come to experience from an internal hub gear.

To distinguish the appearance of this Ladies only 5speed version of our classic Parkside model, we have used a deep metallic red paint finish. Style with simplicity and a wider range of gears - the Parkside 5 Ladies is a great choice for comfortable and easy to use transport.

The lightweight aluminium frame, durable steel forks and light and strong double wall heat treated aluminium rims are all features that provide a comfortable but surprisingly nimble urban machine. The relatively lightweight of approx. 14.2 Kg makes this quality bicycle a great choice for use in and around the City.

As with all of our The Light Blue bicycles - the Devil is in the detail - please check the many features that you don't normally find on other bicycles to grasp why owning a Light Blue is that extra little bit different.

Parkside 5 Speed gears:

The Parkside 5 uses an upgraded lightweight Aluminium hub shell version of the Sturmey Archer 5 speed internal gear hub. It provides a low maintenance system with the 5 gears covering an overall ratio range of 256%.

The 5 speed Sturmey Archer hub gears provide similar gear ratios to the Sturmey 3 speed hub gear range) - but with 1 extra lower and 1 extra higher gear options, providing a wider range of easy to use ratios for areas with perhaps slightly more undulations than Cambridge has.

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Price: £449.99