image of the light blue sport range

Shimano touring spec

RRP from £1899.99

SRAM Rival 1 equipped adventure bike

RRP from £2199.99

The adventure bike riders™ choice

RRP from £2049.99

Monster cross adventure tourer

RRP from £2099.99

World class, inter-continental touring bike.

RRP from £2649.99

Classic road bike with Reynolds 853 steel lugged frame

RRP from £1975.00

Performance, all-round road sports bike

RRP from £1699.99

A sports "SUV" for the road

RRP from £1949.99

Affordable, everyday all-round road sports bike.

RRP from £1349.99

Affordable, everyday flat bar road bike.

RRP from £1349.99

Classic bike build based on the St Johns Retro Reynolds 725 frameset

RRP from £1775.00

Track bike fixie based on the Reynolds 531 tubed Trinity frameset

RRP from £1475.00

Affordable 853 Rim Brake Road Bike

RRP from £1499.99

Top of the range fast steel road bike

RRP from £2349.99